Are you frustrated with the labeling process? 

   Your excited about finally launching your new business and now it's time to design labels for your products. The labeling process can be somewhat overwhelming. Are their really any shortcuts?  What if I told you there is an easy way to get professional labels at an affordable price? 
Have you been wasting countless hours on the labeling process due to...
  • Misprints
  • Unaligned prints
  • Printer jamming 
  • Run out of ink in the middle of a print job
  • Printer breaks
  • Ink smeared or smudged on labels
            How much time could you have utilized effectively in your business with the time wasted trying to resolve any of the above issues? 
            Have you also spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on labels by testing different ones to find the right look only to be told by customers that your "waterproof label" started fading or peeling during use in the shower? 
            My print is in business your time is money.  It’s not always cheaper to do things yourself. What are you sacrificing in return? Sometimes as a entrepreneur you need to outsource, invest or delegate responsibilities in order to run your business more efficiently.  
            The Product Label Queen specializes in product label design and printing. I can help you be in compliance with the FDA requirements to prepare your amazing products for the shelf. 
    In return you will be able to...
    • Order your labels online with ease 
    • Use that extra time to perfect your craft
    • Bring visual impact to your products 

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