Best printer to use when printing labels at home

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Let's talk about printing labels at home. There are so many things to consider when deciding to invest in a printer to print labels at home.
When choosing a printer please do research to see what paper or material (printable vinyl for waterproof) are compatible with your printer. Read the reviews to make sure that the paper or material you use doesn't have a history of causing printer jams. Frequent jams can be damaging to the print head in your printer.
I highly recommend using printable vinyl vs paper for bath & beauty products. Each brand and material and or paper has it's own set of recommended printer settings. Please check with the manufacturer of the paper you are using to make sure that it is compatible with your printer. Printer settings is also a factor.
Please use a design software and not programs like Microsoft word. Canva has a free version however I do recommend the pro version as the possibilities are endless. The investment also counts as a business expense on your taxes.
Time & Patience
The time and energy it takes to figure out all the items I have listed above can be time consuming. This alone can be costly and can become a stressful nightmare. DIY labels can be challenging in the beginning and is recommended only for small jobs.
Here is a printer and glossy printable vinyl recommendation for the specific printer below.
Epson ET-2760
Photo Print Setting


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